Justin Bieber - All A Bout The Price Of Pop

Justin Bieber - All A Bout The Price Of Pop
Pages: 107
Published: 2011 by FAFACO
Goodreads Rating: 4.78
Genre: Uncategorized
Language English
Author: Tu Trinh

This book is a special gift for Justin Bieber fans! Fans of Justin Bieber know that there are a number of books on him and his life, some even unauthorized. Justin Bieber as a Baby in question here though is one which has been made by Bieber himself, that is, the information in this one comes straight from Bieber and nowhere else. There are pictures, posters, video of Bieber in this book. Justin Bieber as a baby contains a statement that every female fan is Bieber's "favourite girl" and a reason for each of them. There is also information on how to get in contact with him and enjoy his concerts. There is information on his life and his rise to the top. The book also goes over his relationship with Usher, Scooter Braun and much more…. There is a complete chapter on his hometown and birthplace along with his parents and their divorce. The life they led financially and other stuff.

Then the book goes into more personal details about the artist and his family, how he spent Christmas with them by exchanging gifts in a very extraordinary fashion and he throws some light on how it all worked. The book covers more aspects of Bieber's life and his stardom in addition with YouTube details where Bieber originally got his fans from. It even contains a page which is full of tweets from the artist's Twitter page and then there are the numerous pictures of him in between different actions and positions. The poster which comes along with the book is not a very big one but it does the job for any fan, and there are also close up pictures of Beiber himself with his very well known and distinctive hairstyle. You can find anything about Justin Bieber from: family, songs, lyrics, his love, Justin Bieber on facebook, on twitter, youtube, links, website, mtv….

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